How To Help A Traumatized Dog Have Fun

If you ever visit a public park you would see dogs and their owners having the time of their life. That is because there are nothing dogs like more than to play with their owners. Therefore when you visit these establishments you would see them playing fetch or even tackling their owners. But not every animal would behave in this manner. If a dog has been traumatized they are unlikely to want to have fun with their owner. However, keep in mind that this change is not permanent. There are many ways in which you can encourage them to have fun once more.

Start Slow

Just like regular exercise is important for humans it is important for dogs to engage in playtime on a regular basis. That is because this is the way they would lead an active life. Thus, it is important if they want to lead a healthy life. Furthermore, we know that you would also consider it to be a form of animal healing. That is because dogs have fun when playing with their owners or with other dogs. But keep in mind that you cannot push them to engage in playtime. That is because sometimes it can feel overwhelming to them. Furthermore, you can also end up destroying all the progress that you made. Therefore make sure to start slowly. You don’t have to take them to a dog park on the first day. Instead, slowly ease them into the idea of playtime. You can do so by engaging in a bit of playtime right at home. Many animals would prefer this because they would be in an environment they are comfortable in. Click here for more info on animal healing.

You Need To Get Involved

Taking the animal to equine psychotherapy in order to work through the trauma is a step in the right direction. But don’t assume that such an action would encourage the dog to play. Furthermore, after a traumatic experience, they are also unlikely to play by themselves. Therefore what you need to do is get involved. Canines tend to love nothing more than to receive attention from their owners. Therefore by getting involved in their playtime, you can show them that this is another way for them to get your attention.It is completely normal for a dog to feel overwhelmed and out of sorts after a traumatic experience. Therefore it is a good idea for you to give them some space to recover. But you also need to take action to help them to have fun once more.